Premier Foods expand their long term relationship with Primeline awarding the Sales & Marketing contract for the Republic of Ireland. This completes the final link in an end-to-end supply chain which sees Primeline managing Warehousing, Distribution, Sales & Merchandising for this valued customer.

The new sales brands include Birds, Bisto, Tate & Lyle, Branston, Sharwood, Haywards, Loyd Grossman, Crosse & Blackwell, OXO, Ambrosia, PAXO, YR, SAXA, Sarsons and many other well known brand leaders. The Premier brands have added to the success of the new Primeline Sales & Marketing service that continues to enjoy growth with products such as Capri Sun and Harley’s as other recent wins.

Primeline are interested in talking to other brands that need an Island of Ireland supply chain solution. Please contact if you would like to discuss your requirements.